Welcome to the first in a series of updates on what’s new in Programmai.

This month, we’re launching the beta release of pInsights and pProduct Feed: features designed to unearth insights tucked away in your first-party data, and help you improve performance across your Acquisition.

  • Beta Release: pInsights
  • Beta Release: pProductFeed 
  • Feature Update: Custom Audiences


Beta Release: pInsights

Optimise for customer lifetime value, campaign-by-campaign. 

Campaign metrics are often short-term. Quick-win. 

pInsights moves the frame. 

Rather than focusing on the immediate conversion, pInsights provides a snapshot into the value of acquired customers for up to 12 months after their first purchase. Spanning email, paid search and social campaigns (anything that can be tracked with a UTM), quickly and easily see which campaigns are driving the highest value customers. 

You no longer need to wait around to see how customers will behave. If you see a campaign driving a higher than average pCLV, you know that you can afford a higher CPA. And vice versa.

pInsights: a beautifully effective way to prioritise value in the not too distant future.


Beta Release: pProductFeed

Powered by pInsights.

Now you’ve reached pInsights, get ready to dig deeper.

pProduct Feed drills down into which products are likely to drive the highest value customers. Picture this: you’re a homeware brand, and you know that customers who buy tapered candles on first-purchase are 10% higher value than those who slip sheepskin slippers into the basket.

Use this intel to enrich your product feeds across Google and Facebook; bid more on the products that drive high pCLV on Google, and less for the lower value products. 

On Facebook, this also means you can remove low-value products from the product-set for first-time customers, increase impression share on high CLV products and get a heads-up on the products that bring in one-and-done buyers.

Feature Update: Custom Audiences 

You can now target all customers with confidence.

When building your Custom Audience, you can now include users without a Predicted Customer Lifetime Value (pCLV). 

As pCLV can only be calculated for customers who have bought from you in the past year, there may be instances where you need to add all customers to an audience, and use all available PII (hashed) IDs to ensure high match rates.

If your CRM matches audiences only on email hashes, or doesn’t allow you to upload your entire customer base, you risk low match rates or overlapping with your prospecting campaigns. With this new feature, you can target or exclude all customers with confidence.

Bring predictive intelligence to the table.

Programmai is the predictive marketing platform for e-commerce marketers. We’re here to help you activate your 1st party data, make intelligent in transit and improve marketing performance.

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